Watermelon Slicer
Watermelon Slicer
Watermelon Slicer
Watermelon Slicer
Watermelon Slicer

    Watermelon Slicer

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      It can be pretty time consuming to cut up a watermelon.

      Not to mention that using a knife isn't always the safest tool to use. It can be dangerous to cut a watermelon with a knife.

      Our Watermelon Slicer you'll take the hard work out of cutting a watermelon!

      With this tool you'll get 12 evenly cut slices of watermelon

      Product Details

      • One Size Fits All: Watermelons comes in all shapes and size but this tool is big enough to fit most watermelon 

      • Precise and Saves Time: You'll get 12 evenly cut slices of watermelon every single time! This tool will cut up your watermelon in seconds

      • Lightweight and Comfortable: It has soft non-slip handles for you to easily hold on when you press down to cut your watermelon

      • Versatile: This may be designed for watermelons but it can easily be applied to to other foods too. It works great on cantaloupes, honeydew, pineapples, lemons, oranges, pears and more

      • Safer Than Knives: You can say goodbye to knives now! Using this watermelon tool is a lot safer than the traditional method

      watermelon slicer

      How To Use

      • Cut off a small layer off the top of the watermelon

      • Place slicer on the water melon

      • Grab both handles and push down

      Pretty easy, right?


      Environmentally friendly plastic

      Stainless steel blades

      Non-slip handles

      Size: 31.8cm

      Diameter: 20.5cm


      Package Includes:

      1x Watermelon Slicer



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