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Salad Cutting Bowl

  • Make A Salad In Seconds
  • No More Cutting Boards
  • Rinse Chop and Serve
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Salad Cutting Bowl

Currently out of stock

Do you love making homemade salads?

Our Salad Cutting Bowl is designed to allow you to rinse, chop and serve your favorite salad in seconds!

It's unique slits takes all the guess work out of making a salad.

Just fill the bowl with your favorite ingredients then turn it over and use the cutting guide to start chopping up your salad.

Once you're done you can enjoy your salad or save it for later in the same bowl. 

salad making bowl

Product Description

We all want to eat healthy and add some greens to our lives but let's be honest, making salads at home can feel like such a chore. 

You have to rinse the veggies, cut each one at a time, pour everything from the cutting board into a bowl then clean up all the mess you made.

This handy salad tool allows you to do all that in just one bowl!

  • FAST & EASY - Add your favorite fruits and veggies, slice through each slot then turn the bowl 90 degrees to slice one more time

  • PRACTICAL & VERSATILE - Rinse, chop and serve your favorite salad all in one bowl. It's design allows you to rinse out your salad then start slicing by simply flipping the bowl over

  • CLEAN & SAFE - Say goodbye to your cutting board! By using the cutting slots to shop up your salad you'll lower any risk of accidentally cutting yourself. When you're done all you'll have to do is clean ONE bowl

  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Made with 100% food grade plastic, BPA Free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, FDA and LFGB approved


    - Material: food grade PP

    - Size: 16*10cm/ 6.3*4in

    - Color: white/ green/ blue

    How To Use

    1. Add the ingredients to the bowl and strain the ingredients with water to clean them, the ingredients should be no more than 3/4 of the bowl.

    2. Close the bowl with its base and turn it on the table.

    3. Use a thick blade knife to cut the ingredients through the slits.

    4. Rotate the upper cover 90 degrees and cut the ingredients through the slits again.

    salad cutting bowl


    Buy 1 salad bowl and get a second one for 25% off

    Just add two bowls to your cart and use the discount code SALAD25 at checkout

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I suppose to fill it 100%?

    - We recommend filling it at least 1/2 way. 2/3 works best and will be a lot easier to cut through all your ingredients compared to 100% full

    Can I use this for other foods? Like to chop onions or peppers?

    - This bowl was created behind the idea of chopping up most foods that go in a salad so feel free to use to chop anything you like

    How sturdy is this bowl?

    - Please keep in mind that it is made of plastic so it can break if applied enough pressure. However, it is durable enough to withstand a regular amount of force needed to cut through your salad. 

    Is this dishwasher safe?

    - Yes! You can make clean up time even easier by putting this salad bowl in  a dishwasher

    salad chopper bowl

    salad chopper and bowl

    Salad Cutting Bowl


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