Portable Dog Water Bottle

Portable Dog Water Bottle

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At home our pets have their bowls filled with water and can go satisfy their thirst whenever they need.

Unfortunately, that's not the case in the outside world.

Sometimes we forget to bring a portable dog bowl then you're forced to poke a hole into a water bottle. 

Our portable dog water bottle will be a life saver for those on-the-go situations!

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Product Details

Using a regular water bottle almost always results in huge mess.

Your dogs tongue basically splashes water all over the place. 

Maybe 1/3 actually goes in their mouth while the rest is on your clothes and the floor.

Luckily, this dog water bottle has a unique design that not only helps you quench your dog's thirst but also minimizes any mess!

Our customers have used this as a dog water dispenser for the following situations:

  • Daily walks

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • Car trips

  • Etc.

How To Use

  1. Remove water container

  2. Fill the container with desired amount of water or other liquid

  3. Put container back onto the dog bottle

  4. Press the dispense button when your dog is thirsty

We recommend you shake the bottle after filling it with water to make sure it's secure and no water will leak from it

dog travel water bottle

Product Specifications

  • Safe and anti-bacterial material

  • Food grade plastic material, very durable.

  • Material: ABS and PC

  • Easy to use: One-touch water proof button

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Colors: White, Blue and Pink

  • Liquid capacity: 350ml / 11.8oz OR 550ml / 18.5oz

  • Package includes: 1x portable dog water bottle

dog water bottle dispenser

dog water bottle specifications

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