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Pet Grooming Gloves

$12.95 $30.00

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Pet Grooming Gloves

$12.95 $30.00

Currently out of stock

Every pet owner knows the struggle of trying to shed their pet's fur!

Some pets don't mind but others will fight you until the death before they let you brush them down.

Our Pet Grooming Gloves are the perfect solution!

These deshedding gloves remove loose hair while also massaging your pets.

Your fur babies may hesitate at first but once you start brushing them down they'll actually start to enjoy it.

The cleanup is also really easy because the hair gets stuck to the glove!

Product Description 

Probably the best thing about out pet grooming gloves are their versatility!

From dogs to horses, these grooming gloves can be used for all kinds of pets,  

You can also use them for MORE than just shedding your pets hair.

Our amazing customers have used these gloves for some of the following;

  • Thoroughly bathing their pets

  • Scrubbing a flea bath shampoo deep into their pets coat for maximized results

  • Shedding loose and stubborn hair

  • Combing / Brushing coat

  • Massaging their pets after long periods of exercise

More reasons to love these gloves?

All gloves are made from high quality materials to ensure durability! 

The added velcro strap makes it easy to tighten or loosen it's grip on your wrist to make sure there's no discomfort while you use the gloves.

shedding glove

How To Use

Our pet brush gloves are pretty straight forward!

You just put them on and brush away BUT here are the tips to help you get the bet results

  1. Pick a day to bathe AND shed your pet

  2. Use the pet shedding gloves to thoroughly shampoo your pets coat. This will start the process!

  3. Wait 30 mins or until your pet is completely dry

  4. Start brushing your pet with the gloves to shed away as much hair as possible 

Product Specifications;

  • Comfortable and breathable material

  • Material: Silicone and breathable mesh

  • Color: Red / Pink / Green / Blue 

  • Size: about 23.2x17.2cm(L*W)

  • 1 pair of pet grooming gloves

dog grooming mit

pet brush glove

Pet Grooming Gloves

$12.95 $30.00

Here's What Our Customers Think:

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