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Sand Free Beach Mat

$35.00 $49.99

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Currently out of stock
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Sand Free Beach Mat

$35.00 $49.99

Currently out of stock

We all love going to the beach!

It's just so relaxing to lay there and enjoy the sun and ocean breeze.

The only issue is that sand gets EVERYWHERE! 

It's takes 3-5 business days to get all the sand out of your hair, shoes, blankets etc.

With the sand free beach mat you won't have to worry about bringing the beach home with you anymore. 

Product Details

This sandless beach mat was designed for all of us who love the beach but HATE getting everywhere. 

We've all gotten up only to have half of our body filled with sand or we pull out some food only to realize there's sand all over it.

With this beach mat you'll be able to lay down, roll around and eat your food without having sand interfere with your day

  • MOISTURE PROOF: Put it between ground and tent and it can prevent you from touching moist ground.

  • PORTABLE: It's lightweight makes it easy to carry everywhere

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: It's more than JUST a beach mat! It can be used as a tarp, tablecloth, camping mat etc

  • WATERPROOF: Special waterproof caulking treatment

Now you'll be able to really enjoy your beach trips without getting sand all over your body, food, belongings or even in your car!

Also, if you have kids it'll make clean up time a lot easier!

Your little ones won't have sand all over them anymore.

How It Works

It uses dual layer technology which allows sand, dust, and dirt basically fall through the mat. 

The best way to test it out yourself is to throw some sand on it and then simply spread the sand side to side.

You'll notice that with each pass you make more and more sand start to fall through the mat and basically disappear.

Product Specifications

  • Longer life expectancy compared to ordinary mats

  • Non-slip material allows it on be used on all kinds of surfaces

  • Moisture proof

  • Waterproof

  • Easy clean up

  • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink

  • Sizes: Small (120x150cm), Medium (150x200cm), Large (200x200cm)

  • Material: Polyester

  • Package contains: 1x sand free beach mat

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